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KvCD what do ido please


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Sure nashy,

KvCD are about the easiest to burn, as they are already in disc image format, and ready to burn.

However, making Kvcd is an art, and not all kvcds are equal, so be sure to get your kvcd from relyable encoders.

I posted a guide for burning kvcd with nero in the forum. You can also use Alcohol 120, which has an image burning wizard, so no guide is needed.

If you tell me exactly what you downloaded, I can offer more advice.


ps. more info on KvCD...

Why kvcd???

A commercial dvd is approx 8,000mb in size (far to big to download quickly), and needs to be "shrunk down" to fit a dvdr disc (4.38gb) Still to big to download quickly.

KVCD is encoded to be burnt onto a standard cdr disc, and when played on a dvd player provides almost as good video quality as the orignal dvd, and with an approx size of 800mb.

You might wonder how kvcd can encode a movie at 1/10 the size of a dvd and still look good.

The answer is complex, but suffice it to say that kvcd is set to display direct to your tv screen so no resolution is lost in providing pixals that cannot be displayed. It also uses complex software to create a varible bit rate, this way it improves quality of video for parts of the film that require it, and lowers bit rate for parts that don't.

Creating kvcd is an art, and not all kvcd downloads are equal.

Tus kvcds have become known as the best world wide, and we have a strong following, and all our torrents are well seeded.

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