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Sound is out of sync


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Are you burning the file to disc (playing on a divx/xvid compatible dvd player), or reencoding to DVD video format?

If you are encoding (converting), then there could be many causes for snyc problems.

The most difficult to resolve would be problems in the source file. For example, a small defect in the video data, like poorly edited removal of commercials, or pixelation cannot be ignored during the conversion process.

Keep in mind that all computer files are groups of "1"s and "0"s.

If they are jumbled up, even a small amount, it will effect every frame of video after that, so a simple "one step" conversion process isn't going to give you good results.

(forgive this language)

The first rule of programing computers: "s*** in" = "s*** out"

If you were to reedit the source video, or to do a full encoding process, this could be fixed, but its not going to be a simple run program while sleeping, and will require hours of work, and many, many more hours of learning.

If you want to learn encoding, then this is fine, otherwise I suggest you download ready to burn movies/video. this is much easier.


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