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so norton firewall pops up and tells me about a remote system is ATTEMPTING to access bitcomet, i then block it, afterwards i close bitcomet and start it up again, all my torrent files now refuse to connect, reporting:


what should i do? please help me i beg you!

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You just told your firewall to block bit comet, so of course you cannot connect with it.

Go into your firewall, and give bit comet permission to recieve incoming and outgoing connections.

Personally, I would use the "uninstall norton" option. Then get a better firewall, there are many that are more secure, less trouble, and use less cpu and memory then norton.

Some companys will even give you a tool to completely remove norton from you system, because it won't fully uninstall on its own. I know very few computer professionals that use norton, but to their credit, they will protect you if you use it properly, as long as you don't mind it slowing down your system.


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