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having to reset network with torrent download


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Seems random, but I often find that when I leave a torrent downloading, I come back and have no internet and no vonage. I've tried just restarting the comp and vonage box - no effect. Tried restarting those components along with a router restart - but still no effect unless I do a full reset including cable modem. This only happens when downloading torrents. It is a recent phenomena - noticed it in Sept. I'm wondering if my ISP (comcast) has anything to do with it (limiting my dl). When I reset network - never had a problem getting back online (not like ISP going offline for long durations). Could this be comcast limiting my downloading? Anything to do with number of connections I'm making? I have MR814v2 netgear router (I know its on the list, but theres nothing about losing connection from Modem listed in that post). Also I have a motorola cable modem (never had issue with except for these breaks in service).

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I had this problem with comcast too.

One phone call to customer service, two minutes to test the connection, then five days for them to come replace the splitter on my line and all was fine.

Basically, if they provide the modem, and the line, it is their problem, have them check it.

Although you can still surf, and do other stuff, that could be because it requires much less resources.

Just as your car might work fine driving to the corner store each day, but when you run it at top speed all day, it might overheat and break down every hour.


ps. if they can't find any problem, then I will ask our support team to review your issue. I do recommend you question them about the test results when they are on the phone, as they generally will accept a certain amount of data loss as "acceptable", but when I pressured them, they fixed it.

oh, one additional comment. To the best of my knowledge, Comcast doesn't throttle BT traffic (at least not in usa)

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