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Is there a way to find out how fast (KB/s) each file would download if I were to Start them?


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Is there any way to find out which files in your Transfer window would download the fastest if you were to Start them?

What I mean is, I have about 40 files in my Transfer window, all Stopped. I'd like to Start whichever one would download at the highest speed (KB/s). But I don't know of any way to tell how fast a download will go unless I Start it and let it download for about 10 minutes, then check the speed. But even then, it may just be a temporary speed, instead of reflecting how fast it'll ever go, which calls for a faster way of checking how fast they would go if I Started them.

I like to download only one file at a time, until it's done, before starting another one, but I find it may be a waste of time to start with one that seems to stay below 5 KB/s when the file is a few GBs in size.

So is there a quicker way to find out how fast (KB/s) each file would download if I were to Start them? (so that I may download the quickest ones first, and so forth)

Thank you.

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Sadly, there is no way to know for sure, as your speed depends on how much each peer is sending you.

If you get your torrents from a relyable source, this helps, but you will always come across slow ones.

You are doing the right thing by running one at a time, so thank you for that, it helps all you connect to.


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