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BitComet Client 'Accepted and Rejected Suggestions'

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Suggestions Rejected

The suggestions below are rejected; Please do not request for this feature.

  • BitComet will always remain as a closed-source torrent client. If you want reasons/discussion regarding this, please Click Here

Suggestions Inputted into BitComet client

  • GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that the spin buttons of min/max upload rate edit-box in Task Properity Dialog do not work (0.69 added)
    This has been fixed in BitComet 0.7
  • Fix the minor bug in the torrent properties task specific settings where the up/down arrows disappear if clicked on.
    This has been fixed in BitComet 0.7
  • Set Peer Encryption's default to "Auto-Detect." A lot of ISPs are shaping now so this would also be of help to newbies.[M]
    It has been set default. But in BitComet it is described as protocol encryptiong not peer encryption.
  • A working upload slot limiter.
    BitComet has a globle upload slots control but no control for a single tast which means you can control the number of the total slots but for a single torrent, it can not be controled.
  • GUI Bugfix: fix the bug that the peer list doesn't display any peer in very occasional situation (0.69 added)

Suggestions Accepted

The suggestions you see below are accepted, and those considered by BitComet developers as a higher priority will be placed first into the next BitComet release (indicated by a [H] ). Other minor features like creating categories i.e. user-interface related, will be of a lower priority. (indicated by a [L] Features, that are considered to be mildly important will be: [M]

Since I only created this topic recently...you may not see all the suggestions or priorities in here yet, but it will be updated soon

  • Fix inaccurate 'overhead speed' (Speed displayed at top of BitComet client) -http://www.p2pforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=13862
    This is not a bug. The true result for the differences between the two speeds is that they are calculated in different ways. The speed at the top is the real-time speed and the speed shown in the summary is the average speeds. So the sum of the average speeds may be not the same with the real-time speed, sometimes lower and sometimes higher.
  • BitComet version for Linux AND Mac [M]
    Sounds a good idea. But we need some time to do. Because we want to make windows version better first, then we will try to make BitComet a multi-platform software.
  • A way to control the number of seeding tasks.[L]
  • Remotely adding torrents [L]
  • Fix error that appears when BitComet attempts to open torrents with names exceeding 100 letters, as well as torrents with files inside which also has a name exceeding 100 letters.[m]
  • Add some type of notification for the chat when someone is actually chatting. Like the icon flashing & a balloon pop-up message telling us someone is chatting on a certain .torrent.[L]
  • Allow the user to "Update Tracker"(scrape) even on stopped torrents; that way i can know which tasks i should be seeding without having to start them. Of course this would need to be limited to something like one scrape per tracker per hour.
  • Set a time limit or remove the manual announce button. Newbies are using this to hammer the tracker & DHT.
  • Torrent 'Favourites' search engines should open in the user's preferred browser i.e. Redirection Link rather than the IE shell. This feature is present from BitComet versions 0.61 maybe even earlier, check my FAQ in this forum

August, 2006 Reported Bugs:

  • In BitComet 0.70 version, Clicking Remove --> Remove Task ONLY, removes the actual file as well.

If the ideas are not posted above. Please create a new topic, and post your suggestion, make it as clear as possible.


BitComet Team.

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