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Video Quest.


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Most of the modern highly compressed video is encoded in Xvid/Divx, which are .avi files that will play on your computer (if proper codec is installed), but NOT on most dvd players.

Very few movies are distributed in DVD format, as they take too long to download, but if they are, they will be in a disc image file, or "raw" dvd files (.vob, .ifo, .bup)

Another popular format is VCD.

There are several types of vcd, svcd, kvcd, and a few others. These burn to a CDr disc that will play in most dvd players. svcd is somewhat less compatible. Kvcd is the highest compressed, and can record a commercial DVD at 1/10th the orignal size, and still look good.

There are several types of "sources" used to make a digital video to download.

1. CAM (recorded with a camcorder at a theater) quality ranges from poor to fairly clean, but not near dvd quality

2. T/S telesnyc (video is "cam", with digital audio track added) some have very good audio, and video quality varies

3. T/C telecine (orignal film is scanned frame by frame) can give quality similar to vhs

4. DVD scr/VHS scr Screener (an official release made by the film producers to present the film for awards, or to show to test audiences) These can be DVD quality, but almost all include "property of" banners that scroll on screen from time to time, some have serial numbers displayed on screen (these are often distorted before the film is uploaded). Some will have short segments that are "black and white". In some cases, these are available even before the film is in theater.

5. VHSrip. A digital conversion of a VHS tape (some actually look better then then original VHS

6. DVDrip The most desirable. The video is converted from DVD


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hey thanks a lot that helped me a lot :). I have one more question though, which media file type of video type will not play on my Creative Zen Vision M? it supports a lot of file types, but i am wondering which type of video quality would be the best to put on it. Would an Xvidfile or divx play on it if i need a codec? i already downloaded an .avi file and it worked fine, but are all .avi files xvids?

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