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bug in limiting speeds


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If you are attempting to do beta-testing, then an apparent problem should be comprehensively tested before determining that there is a defect in it. The overwhelming majority of apparent problems are due to configuration or usage issues, or both. This is not to say that the application is bug-free, but these other issues must be clearly and definitely ruled out before it can be determined that a real defect exists.

So, for example, is the speed always off by 2KB/s as you reported, on all systems, at all speeds? Or does it vary by speed, and by system? Is it always inaccurate? Is it dependably inaccurate at particular speeds?

You probably don't want to go through all that is needed to make those determinations, and I do understand that. Software testing is a craft, and it's not something many people can do well. But if this isn't done, the programmer has nothing to work with and no real prospect of finding a defect in the code -- especially as there may not be one to find.

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