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Stupid windows update...


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So I just got my computer fixed (harddrive wipe included) and I've been reinstalling everying. BitComet was working just fine (although a little slow...) before I downloaded a bunch of windows updates that my computer apparently needed. Now when I go to bitcomet the torrents are at 'grey circle' status.. when I start them, they immediately go to "red X" status. I've done some of the speed increase suggestions, and I've tried port forwarding, but the downloads still aren't resuming (I started them before downloading all those windows security/other updates..) I checked my windows firewall too, it seems to be allowing bitcomet and the specific port i'm listening to.

What do I do?! I only have a few days before I get back to the university and can't use any P2P software...

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This sounds like your firewall isn't setup properly.

You must allow incoming and outgoing connections. I personally do not use windows firewall, there are many very good ones available. I prefer McAfee, or sygate.

That is the only issue I am aware of in windows update that can stop your connections.


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