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download not functioning when finished


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but anyway if somebody could reply i'd appreciate that.

I've been using bitcomet for the last few months to download TV series mainly. Up till now i've never had any problems viewing what i downloaded but suddenly since last week it's not working anymore. :(

The only show i seem to be able to watch is 24. All the others, once they've downloaded completely, don't play. I've tried WMP and real player and neither of them show anything but a black screen. And if I try moving forward it just gets blocked.

Does anyone know what the problem is? Has it already happened to someone before? And d'you know how this can be fixed?



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If you have video that used to play, but doesn't now, then you might have a problem with your system.

However, if the video that will not play has NEVER played on your system, then you likely need to update your codecs.

Here are some links to codec packs. Select ONLY one.

The CCCP pack is a better choice if you intend on only playing videos, not encoding, converting.

CCCP (best for playing of files)


k lite codecs (best for playing, editing and encoding)


if you select the k lite pack, don't just install all the options, or you will surely have problems (default settings work fine for nearly every user)


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