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im new and i dont know how to do anything except download. like i dont know what "SEED" or "LEECH" or any of that means or what it does. it takes around 3-8(on average) hours to download a movie, is there a way to speed it up? how do i know what are the best videos to download? if theres a way to configure my bitcomet to make it run faster and whatnot i dont know how to do it...can anyone please explain these things to me like im a child? ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!! THANKS!!!

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I suggest you first read a bit about bit torrent protocall...


As for setting up your bit comet, we have already prepared a settings guide, and a speed guide.

Please go through the settings guide fully.

If your internet connection is shared, then you have a router, and will want to forward your listening port. We will discuss this if necessary.

We have put a lot of time in preparing these guides, so please put an equal amount of time into going through them throughly. Please also review the link on bit torrent, it will explain what all the terms stand for, and will link you to further info you may want to know.

After you have done this, you will (hopefully) know at least enough to ask questions that aren't so broad in scope, that they cannot be answered, at least not in less then a few hours, and with a few dozen questions and answers about your system and internet connection.


Suspect and Bit comet team

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