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download speed problem


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Everytime i start using bitcomet download my speed will be 50++kB. But after 10++ minute, the speed will decrease until 0-3kB. The init still have remote n local. But peer and health also start decrease. I using 512kB internet connection. What is the problem that make my speed suddenly drop so fast?????? And everytime time i reboot the router the speed can go up back to 50++ but after that drop again......

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this could be related to your upload rate. You were also incorrect about your internet speed, which is 512kb/s, which is equal to 64kB/s.

I assume your upload speed is much slower, and bit torrent protocol will send you more download speed, relating to how much upload you provide.

You will see speed approaching your max only on torrents that are extremely well seeded. You can try downloading OpenOffice, which should be running as close to your max as you can get.


try that, if it is able to maintain its speed, then you know its not a problem with your client. (I will add that open office is a great product)

Now, when you reply, please include your version of Bit comet, and go through our settings guide, and post the results from running speed test., as well as your settings.


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