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My Initiation is all Local

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I just upgraded BitComet from my older version of .60.

I still let me keep all of my older connections and set up. The problem now is that when I try to download something I am getting way less that my connection can get. I checked my peers and saw that I was only getting Local initiation.

When I had .60 I topped at least 55kB/s, but I knew I could go faster I only figured that that had something to do with the other people who were seeding and leeching.

At the moment I'm topping 21kB/s.

Anything anyone can suggest for me?

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You may have read in previous FAQ guides on BitComet that your torrent should include both local & remote iniations, this is however incorrect. As this solely depends upon where you're getting the torrent.

I.e. If you downloaded a torrent from say China or Japan, and you're living in USA, you may notice that all your initiations are remote. In fact, in Chinese/Japanese torrents, you may find that all the peers there all use BitComet.

As for your issue, yes it is most likely a port issue. Check the port used in your newer version Bitcomet, then follow the normal portforwarding procedures for your router. Alternatively, set your BitComet port back to the old port you used with BitComet 0.60

Though, when you mention "topping 21 kb/s" are you sure that this is the max speed you get with the downloading of the same torrent? The best way to test this is usually by downloading torrents from private trackers.

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