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Im going to try and ask again


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I am having a serious problem with Bitcomet. I cannot seem to download at all. I have tried setting up a port. Maybe I just did it incorrectly, Id ont know. But could somebody please help me here as I am getting frustrated and nobody seems to be helping me out here. Please help me

Rob ;)

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You have been asking the same quesion several times, during the past 2 days.

Each time, someone has asked you to provide essential information about your set up.

Thus far, and spread out over various posts (instead of looking for and continuing your initial thread), you have only provided that you are in South Africa and

I am using a firewall which has been configure. I am also using a router which I think I configured properly and I use Windows XP SP2

Do you honestly think that this enables anyone to help you?

What if I were to ask you the following:

"Help, I've lost my keys! What? You don't know anything about my house?"... well we don't know anything about your computer but, that didn't stop YOU...

Unless you are willing to put a minimum amount of effort on your end, nobody is going to be able to offer help. You are the only one that is in front of your computer. You are the only one that knows which version you have installed. You are the only one that knows what steps you have taken (if any) to configure your client properly. Therefore, you are the only one that can provide detailed information about your set-up.

Without information, nobody will use their time trying to mind-read and/or guess your situation.


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