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Can't find a file I downloaded..

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Okay, so I dl'ed a file that came out at a whopping 4 gigs. It took a damn while (few seeds), but it finally finished tonight. After getting my ratio up, I deleted the TASK, and went to Programs/BitComet/Downloads to enjoy. It wasn't there. I searched for it, and nothing. The thing is, when I look at my HDD space, the same amount of space that file took up is still missing. So, somewhere on my PC, I am convinced that file is in hiding or something! Any help in finding this thing??

I'm using BitComet .70 on Windows XP BTW.

EDIT- DANG! I suck....

Found it after a search...forgot Hidden files! Word of advice I guess...be sure to check "Search Hidden Files too" under "Advanced" if you're looking for something!

Sorry to waste your time.

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