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Deleted files on BitComet...???recovery???

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I wish that option wasn't there to be honest.

Although the data is still there, every time you use your computer, more and more of it could be lost.

If yous keep your download on the same drive as your windows, it could be complicated to recover them. Most recovery software should NOT be run on the hard drive partition you have the data in.

There are some "bootable" cdrom programs you can use to do data recovery, but its best to use a full installed program, like "Ontrack Easy Recovery"

If your files are on a different hard drive, or partition, you can just install and run a recovery program. When finished, I would rehash the files, since they could be damaged.

Here is how I would do it...

Remove your hard drive, and install it in another computer. Then run a recovery on the other computer. Once the files are recovered, save them to your default download folder, then return the hard drive to your computer, and restart the torrent. I will then scan (rehash) the file/s and will likely start downloading at 90something percent.


ps. it might be much less trouble to just redownload the files

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