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X Icon, and Connecting help!


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Hi, I've been using bitcomet..for a long time. The only bit torrent program I've ever used. So last night I decided to download a movie. BitComet keep crashing....it had been doing this a lot lately so i figured it was time to update like it has been asking me to for quite some time. I went to the site downloaded the new version opened it up and started my download on the movie I picked last night.....but...one problem, it keeps showing the two blue arrows, the connecting icon (i think). It wont download, upload or anything in between. So I went to download another torrent tonight, and it just gives me a red X. All new torrents give me the X and old ones give me the connecting icon. Whats going on? It downloaded properly last night, but it just kept crashing. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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You do not need to bump your posts.

Do you have write permission to the download location? Do you have enough room on your hard drive?

Sorry about the bump.

Well ive tried three torrents one from the pirate bay, chomsky torrents, demonoid. None of them works. The new torrents that I downloaded after the update get an "X". The one I downloaded before and started to download with bitcomet the night before the update I get an connecting symbol.

Im not sure what write permission is, but I've downloaded from these sites millions of times.

I have enough space on my hard drive. I think it has to do with the upgrade or something. Im not sure.

Thanks for the help already! I really appreciate it. Any other suggestions?

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The X means that BitComet can't write to the disk. That can have a lot of causes, which you will need to investigate. A common cause is that you don't have write permission in the download directory -- which is a side effect of the default download directory being where it ought not to be, namely in the Program Files tree. Windows is, and should be, increasingly protective of that tree, and doesn't like applications casually writing things into it. (For BitComet, shame on it. For Windows, about d*** time.)

You're better off moving your default download directory off to your own application data tree or to a separate directory you create for the purpose. (Like C:\Bittorrent Downloads"

Another possible cause is that the disk is full. That includes, in some circumstances, a disk that WOULD be full if the download completed (file too large for the remaining disk space); file is too large for the filesystem (FAT32 has a hard 4GB limit on individual file size). Then there's the ever-popular hardware failure (your disk is moments from death).

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How do I change the download directory. It is in C:\Program Files\Bitcomet\Downloads. So that means I should move it out of program files and just into a new folder in C, but I couldn't find an option to change the download path in options or anything. I searched im sure its some place. Thanks again for all the help! I love bitcomet.

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