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Upload/Download rates - help with


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i would like to know what the relationship between the upload and download rate is. I guess my question relates to two things:

1. if you try to change the rates in preferences, you get a message saying "your download rate effects your upload rate or vice-versa, and

2. why on lots of occasions during the downloading process, is the upload rate significantly higher than the down rate? Shouldn't this be the other way around?

using BitComet 0.79; XP; wireless broadband.

If this is posted in the wrong section, then prior apologies.

thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Cheers, Melic

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bit torrent protocol run number one is: the more you upload, the more download you get.

However, if your upload is maxed out, you will be slow to reply to requests, and end up with a slow download rate.

This is why we recommend users to set their max upload to 80%.

However, I strongly suggest you review our settings guide.

Also, be sure to keep torrent running until your ratio is at least 1.0. Bit torrent depends on peers to give as much as they take.


ps. If I really like something I download, it run it at least till it reaches 2.0 or higher (sometimes much higher)

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