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Need suggestion with router selection


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I'm now using the D-link DT500 modem/router. Working great with BitComet.

But recently my brother want to share him my internet connection to his laptop which should need a Wireless router.

My brother want to buy a D-Link DI 624 wireless router with 4 LAN port. But today when I look at a list of bad router that wont work with Bitcomet I found the DI 624 -_-

So I m wondering if I could still use my DT500 for my destop and the DI 624 for my brother laptop? is this possible?

Or could you guys suggest me any other solutions to deal with this. I dont wat to replace my DT500 cos I just bought it 4 days ago since my last modem is dead -_-....

Thanks in advance.

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I'm not sure what the issue is with that Dlink model. I use a Dlink wireless, and like it.

I believe you should be able to plug your wireless into one of the ports on your existing router. However if he plays to run bitcomet on his wireless, he will have two routers to pass through.


ps. I found Dlinks telephone support to be quite good.

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