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very slow downloads


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I recommend you install version .70.

Also, in your Peers, do you see both local and remote initiation?

If they are all local, then your router and/or firewall is blocking remote peers from connecting. If the cause is the router, you will have to forward your listening port and set a static IP address. Guides for most routers can be found at Portforward.com.

I also recommend you throughly go through our settings guide.

If you still have slow downloads, then post the results from your speed test, as well as what settings you used.


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Here is a link that will explain as much as you want to know about bit torrent protocol


A "peer" is a person whom you exchange data with.

Although bit comet is by far the easiest bit torrent client to use, if you want to have good results, a certain amount of this you will need to learn.

I suggest you spend at least an hour reading, then go through the settings guide throughly.

This way things will make more sense to you, and your downloads will be much smoother.

Please also keep in mind that are staff donate much more time then this on a daily basis, and will be here to help you when you get stuck.


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