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Help "posting" torrents


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I think I have "posted" (sorry don't know the terms yet, maybe should be seeded) a file, but not sure. I am sure I don't want to be a leecher!!! I have alot to make available but want to be sure I am doing this right. I am running BitComet 0.70 (should I upgrade?) and have the .torrent file in the seed only section, have not seen any "hits". Is that all I have to do? Can someone explain the reseed only area - when and how to use? I am also worried about what can be seed - don't what anyone knocking at the door with warrents!!!

Thanks for help ahead of time.....


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If you are worried about who connects to you when you are seeding (uploading to other peers), then I suggest you install "peer guardian", a free program that blocks connections to known hostile IP addresses. It can be set to update the lists of IP addresses daily.

They maintain several lists of IP addresses you can block. I use the anti P2P, spyware, addware and government.

I wouldn't block educational, because that would stop any students using school networks. I will add that I have had download speeds over 400kB/s from one single IP address that was a collage computer.... :)

There is also some debate about banning governments is necessary. For many people it is not, but if your country allows your government to monitor P2P downloading, then I would block it. I have this list blocked because I see no need to have governments connected, and most of my blocked IP addresses are from China. I have no Idea why China government monitors so much b/t traffic, but if I lived there, I would be really concerned.

ok, back to topic...

After your download is finished, you are then a "Seeder". Please don't run alot of torrents at the same time, or you will be a bad seeder (one that provides little or no data to peers your connected to).

Generally, you should keep torrents running to a minimum ratio of 1.0, but if you really like what you downloaded, I recommend 2.0 or higher.

If you want to publish your own torrents, then that is another subject, and you should learn a bit more about how bit torrent works before doing so.

Here is a useful link...



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