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Bitcomet slows down pc performance

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I have

pc celeron 2.8, 512RAM, HDD 80 (free space is 20gb)

bitcomet 0.70

Soft: newly installed winxp sp2, antivirus, os security patches

When bitcomet is running, all on the pc works slowly, i mean everything (every program or operation) works slowly. When i shutdown bitcomet then all begin to work normally.

What is wrong with bitcomet ? maybe i must to setup some extra options in the bitcomet ? or limit the upload or download ?

thank you .

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it's normal for internet activity to be slowed when running any bit torrent client, but if everything is that noticeably slower, then you must be running low on resources.

Try opening task manager and see how much free memory is available when its acting slow.

You can also click on the processes tab and see which applications are using the most memory. Although bit comet uses more resources then some clients (Utorrent for example), it has far more features, so will need more resources. Many clients use much more resources then bit comet (azureus for example), which is only a BT client, and uses twice the memory as bit comet.


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