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uh...i know how to use bitcomet and everything. I've been using the client for some time now (only a couple of months). Everytime i download a full dvd torrent such as Accepted and mission impossible III, my comp just randomly freezes. I'm thinking that its the comp and not the client, but my friend thinks otherwise. Please help me...=*(

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If bit comet "froze", you would be able to still use windows, and could use task manager to end the program. If you cannot use anything, then its not directly related to bit comet. However, Bit comet could be using your computer in ways that cause an existing problem to surface.

Here is a good analogy, If you had a bad heart, you may not know, but if you had to walk 20 miles, you would surely find out.

Now, if I understand you correctly, your entire system freezes, and you can do nothing? is this correct?

Although I couldn't begin to diagnose this in a forum post, I will say that I have seen thermal problems cause this fairly often (overheating).

Here is an old fashioned way to diagnose a thermal problem (so simple its almost funny). Remove the cover of your computer, place a high power fan blowing directly onto your mother board (be careful not to touch components, as static shock can kill a computer). Assuming that this problem appears regularly, you will know if this either stops the failure, or delays it.

If your not comfortable with this, then I recommend having a qualified technician look at your computer.


ps. I would also wait to see what our support team has to add (if anything)

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