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Cant even start the download at all!


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Just downloaded Bitcomet now, i have found my game i wish to download (CM 03/04 so quite old) and then downloaded the bit of the website, went back to the BitComet programme, the file is their i click Start.

Firstly, it went to two small blue arrows but within a second it went to a big Green downward arrow i presumed it had started downloading.

However, it now simply is not doing anything - It tells me ive dl'ed 0%, although its been going for 10 mins and im on a 4mb internet connection.

So what do i do? ive read through the FAQ but it bizzarley dosent have any information stating why my download is simply not starting.

Please help, and remember im a newbie so please dont be too harsh and give me easy instructions to follow!

Ive got version 0.79, Windows XP. Ive got a Linksys Router but not sure which one - my brother usually deals with my computer and intenet problems but he is currently away.


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Since you are new, I suggest you use our latest stable client, which is Version .70. Many members are using the new client without issue, but it is still not completely trouble free.

If you want to continue with version .79, this is fine, just keep in mind that if your trouble continue, the old client might be a better choice.

Ok, first of all, we need to find out if your torrent is indeed active. Some older torrents will not have any seeders/peers, so will never start. We often recommend member download "Open Office", their torrents are very well seeded and will be a good test.


Let me know if you can get their torrent to run.

Now, you are going to have another issue, regarding your router. It will be necessary to forward your listening port in your router, and set a static IP address for the computers using your router.

Instructions for doing this with most routers can be found at Portforward.com

This will be necessary to get a good download speed, as remote peers won't be able to connect to you through your router.


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