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As I understand it, the Torrent protocol is peer to peer, that means that for every 1 data byte I receive 1 byte has been sent by another torrent client.

On my ADSL, I limited the Upload to 10Kb as I was recommended.

Everything works quite well, in many occasion I have downloaded to up to 100Kb/s.

When I am finished downloading, I sometime turn off the upload limit.

My modem seems to allow an upload of 25-30Kb/s

That means that if someone download the same file from me he will get it in less than half the time he would have to.

It is nice for those who needs it but, it requires me to turn the upload back to 10kb/s once I want to use the internet for something else.

I wondered if this feature could be build in.

So my first question is: would it be valuable for the software to have a checkbox

[ ] Disable upload limit when no download is available

As I understand it could potentially multiply by 2.5 the average download speed.

my second question is:

How easy is it technically to detect whether the network card/modem is busy downloading anything or not.

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Regarding your upload limit, we recommend setting your max upload to 80% of your max, so if you can upload at 30kB/s, then about 24 would be a good setting, or somewhat less if you want to use the internet.

The higher the upload you provide, the higher your download rate will be. The reason we limit our upload, is because if all of our upload bandwidth is used to send data, our system will bog down, and we will not respond to requests, ending up with slow download.

Finding the right setting takes practice.


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Finding the right setting takes practice.

I agree with you, what I believe would be beneficial was a setting when no download is available.

As I saw it, on my ADSL if I put a limit above >10Kb the dowload speed goes down by half.

However as I feel bad about it, when all my downloads are complete I turn the limit back to lets say 20 and then I seed back to others.

I find that having to do that manually is a bit of a shame.

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