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Configuring BC and usinghash check


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BC o.7o

Windows Xp Pro SP2 updated

Siemens router Gigaset se 555 WLAN dsl

I have print of bitdave BC setting guide. Should use this guide?Mesured speed after TrendMicro firewall and antivirus is 880/167 kB/s.

Could not find how to use hash checking!

Thank for help

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bitdave's guide is quite good, I recommend using it. However, consider this a starting point, as the optimal settings that work for you will require some testing.

I am always trying different settings, to see what works best. Keep in mind however that you should wait at least half hour between changes to see how they effect your torrent.

Regarding Hash check, this is how your client tests pieces to be sure they have downloaded intact.

I recommend users set the option to do a final hash check after torrent is finished. This is redundant, and unnecessary, but since these files are in constant use, damaged pieces are not uncommon, and there is no harm in "rechecking" that all are complete.

You can also Manually run a hash check by stopping the torrent, then "right click" and select "manual hash check".


ps. besure to set your max upload to about 80% of your max upload speed. This is perhaps the most important setting in regards to performance.

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Not much more you can do.

Just try to download torrents with lots of seeders and leechers.

Dont worry about firefox, just set up IE7 with some bookmarks to your favorite torrent sites.

my favorite site = isohunt.com

Also make sure that you have at least one firewall going.

You can disable your software firewall(TrendMicro) as long as your hardware firewall(Siemens) is still enabled.

(Do not disable them both)

It's always better to make exception rules in your firewall(s) then to completely disable them.

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