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Bit Coment client not saving settings

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I've used 0.67, 0.70, and 0.79, and have seen this problem in all versions listed; I rolled back to 0.70 because 0.79 wouldn't automatically connect or else was reporting ridiculously low transfer speeds. (And by the way, that new scheduler looks like the bomb if they can ever get it to save setttings!)

The problem I'm needing help with is the client not saving settings, most notably those having to do with bandwidth management. Using 0.70, a 6MB broadband connection (Comcast cable Internet with WebSTAR modem and Netgear WGT624-V2 router), WinXP-SP2 on a pretty fast computer, if I allow Gloabal Upload Bandwith of anthing more than 32 kBPS it chokes my network response to the point that pages won't hardly even load. However, every time I start the program, any bandwidth management settings on that connection tab reset themselves to "No limit". The TCP/IP half open connections setting also resets itself to 10. When I tried version 0.79, the settings I entered into the scheduler were also lost each time I restarted the program.

So my question is two-fold. First, why is it that with almost no other traffic on my network and a 768 kPBS upload pipe is Bit Comet choking the life out of everything if I allow it more than 32kBPS to upload with (all downloads can be stopped and this is still the case) and no upload speed greater than about 42kBPS can be achieved with upload bandwidth set to "No limit" and what, if anything, can I do to improve upload performance? Second, why aren't these setting persistent and what can I do to save them?

Thanks for your help!


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Hi doc,

First thing is that you seem to be confusing the units of measure. Your ISP measures its bandwidth in "b" or "bits", while bit torrent uses "B" or "Bytes".

Although Comcast advertises an upload rate of 768kb/s, most people really get about half this. You must then divide this by 8 to convert it to "Bytes".

So, your max observed upload of 42kB/s is equal to 336kb/s.

If this represents your max upload, then a setting of about 33kB/s global max upload would be a good place to start for you.

As for your settings reverting back to default, This is often caused by your .xml file/s being set to read only.

There is information regarding this in the FAQs.


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