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a Very helpful tool that should be added


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Hello all BitComet Users!!

i am no new to this program and i absolutely love it and use it often.

Sometimes out provider cuts the connection every so and so fixed time.

then my bitcomet connection goes from 30k/b to 0k/b.

unless, this is what i found, i click on Manual COnnect during the "freeze"

is it possible to have an option in bitcomet for those who want it that will enable Automaic - Manual Conenct every specified time.

please let me know what you think and if there is an already similar problem with solution.

Hope this suggest and important aspect

Best Regards,


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The manual connect button is reactivating your internet connection because it has some traffic to send, so that's good for your purpose. But the data it's sending is doing the other things that DS mentions, and that's NOT good. There should be some other freebie utility around that handles your problem, not just for Bittorrent, so it would be preferable to find and use something like that instead. All you need is something that connects to the internet, in a harmless way. Alternatively you could set your email program to check mail every 20 minutes or so, and that should suffice.

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Hi there

If I understand you correctly you need to auto reconnect when your line is dropped.

If that is the case you might find this useful:

Go to start menu -> connect to-> Show all connections

right click on your default connection-> properties

choose the options tab

under Redailing options turn on Redail if the line is dropped

that should automatically reconnect you everytime the line is dropped.

hope that takes care of your problem. ;)


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