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Need Help!!

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I have recently download and install the newer version of bitcomet and i have a couple of questions that i am unsure of:

1. once i have download the movies into bitcomet, can i download the movies into my video ipod in itune?

and how do i do that?

2. after downloading the movies, can i redownload it into a dvd disc so that i can actually see it on t.v instead?

3. after downloading the movie, how can i veiw it?

4. does it takes too much memory on my computer once i download alot of the movies in my computer? or does it use up the memory space too much..

please reply as soon as possible..i am having a real difficulty and i need help. :( :(

need help,


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Hi Michelle,

The videos on sites like Youtube are in .flv, or flash video.

You would need to convert them to view on your video Ipod. I believe it supports mpeg4 format.

If you want to view them on a dvd player, you would need to convert them to VCD or DVD format.

there are many software program that will convert video types. Here is a good link to a site with lots of resources...


As for watching the videos on your computer, I find Media Player Classic does a fine job of playing these.



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