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Uploading, downloading & leechers


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ISP: Roadrunner Cable

Download Speed: 4.7 Mbits/s == 587 KBytes/s Upload Speed: 384 Kb/s == 48 KB/s

Hardware: linksysWifi Router that serves 2 Desktops

OS: Windows XP-SP2 fully updated (the SP2 firewall service is disabled)

AntiVirus: Synmantec

AntiSpyware: Spysweeper

In getting started with torrents, I have some content I am willing to upload but don't understand the process and specifics. I also want to download and i have been to torrent sites looking for specific content. Is there a good place for torrent site listings? What are leechers?

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Here is a good link to help you with the terms related to bittorrent protocol.


since the scope of your questions are far to broad to answer completely, I suggest you do some reading there and then you can ask more specific questions about what you don't understand.

Seed=peer that has completed files

peer=person that is uploading/downloading (sometimes referred to as leecher, but this term is often used to describe "bad" peers)

Leecher=person that downloads more then they upload (orignally this term was used to describe all peers, but has become a term to describe only those who are harmful to the process.

as for torrent sites, in my opinion Demoniod is among the best. I suggest you try their site on fridays, as they have been accepting new members then.

Mininova is a good "dump" site (hosts torrents form many sources), but this type of site often as the good, as well as the bad torrents.


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