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I'm new to this and need help getting started


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Hey, I just got this program today on recommendation. I'm used to p2p programs like edonkey where the file and it's status are clearly displayed. I'm having trouble figuring out the download process. I've gone to a site and selected a torrent and opened it in bitcomet, but it wont seem to download, it's stuck at 0kbs. Also, I'm used to having a designated folder with files to share with other users. How do I share all the files I have with other bitcomet users, can I just designate a path or folder like p2p applications? As you can tell I'm very new to this type of file sharing, any help would be appreciated. Thanks...

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Hi Mike,

Don't worry about the creation of repeated threads, it's all been deleted.

Anyway, in regards to your question, if you're receiving 0 kb/s firstly check the "Peers" Tab located on the middle bottom part of your client, then check to see whether there are peers with a higher percentage than 0.0% or in fact any peers.

If there are peers with a higher download% please check that you've added BitComet to your Firewall exception list, (The following only applies to router users) created a static IP & Portforwarded Click here for static IP & Portforward

Also with bittorrent, its much more different to P2P networks like Kazaa in which there isn't a designated share folder. Rather all you do is download the torrent (leech) and while doing so, you're also sharing the file. Once the file is completed, you (seed) continue to upload this file until you've reached 1.0 for your Download to Upload ratio. The closest thing to a 'share folder' is the default directory BitComet created. You can see or edit your download directory by clicking Options --> Preferences --> Task --> Default Download Path.

More info for users new to torrents at:


You may also want to check our BitComet Wiki Page.

Kind Regards

BitComet team

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