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Slow Speeds

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Have you ever tested your upload speed? What were the results?

10 KB/s is pretty low and that could be why your speeds are slow.

You have to portforward your router if you have one to get remote peers.

Have you looked in the Peers tab to see if you have any remote peers?

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Thats good that you have remote peers, that means you dont have to worry about portforwarding.

Yes downloading a bunch of torrents at once will totally affect your speed, especially since you have such little upload bandwidth.

The way bittorrent is supposed to work is the people that have the most upload will be rewarded with the fastest download. So if you splitting 10 KB/s between 5 torrents then each one might only be getting 2 KB/s and no client will want to upload to you since your not uploading back to them very much.

You really need to test your upload speed when nothing is using the internet and find out what the proper upload cap is for your connection. Read the settings guide in my sig and that should help you figure out what your cap should be.

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The trick is to send as much upload as possible, BUT not so much as to make comunication with the tracker sluggish, as this will drastically reduce your download speeds.

As the other member suggested, testing your upload speed is a good idea.

I also have used this method, with just one very active torrent running, uncap your upload speed, and see how high it goes. If it runs at about 45kB/s for example, then set max to 35kB/s, and you may see the download rate increase drastically.

I know this goes against the first rule of bittorrent, more upload means more download, but if your client can't respond to the tracker because your upload is maxed, your rates will suffer.


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