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time function for Download/Upload

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Concerning timers... Upper limit of 100 hours of down-/uploading is too small for me. Really, that's a little more than 4 days. I'd prefer "x day(-s) y hrs z min" instead of what we have now - precise till +/-1 sec :)

Or maybe this should change depending on time passed:

<min>:<sec> for overall time < 1 hr;

<hr>:<min>:<sec> - for < 24 hr;

<days>d <hr>:<min> - for 1 day and more.

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Yeah this idea is awesome. My ISP has a huge off-peak download cap (2am-8am) and I want to schedule the upload/download speeds to revolve around this, or even to start the torrent at 2am and stop it at 8am automatically.

ĀµTorrent has this feature and so does Azureus with this this plug-in

BTW, daniel_c, I assume your doing this to stop uploads, while this is going to affect your download rate to the point where its probably pointless, you can ban the ip for a period of time. Click on the active torrent, then click on peers, and right click on the IP('s) that you are uploading and click 'ban ip for xxx'. Hope this helps...

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