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open ports in stealth mode,slow DL speed. plz help.

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hi to all thats reading.

my downloads are always stuck below 30kbs.

i'm using a dlink DI-524 and have forwarded the listening port in my router. my firewalls has been allowing bitcomet, but still poor download speeds so i've turned them off all together. finally, i've done port checks and they've been saying its open. however, my port is in stealth mode.

completely and very totally at a lost.

please help.

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What upload and download speeds does your ISP provide?

also, what upload speed do your torrents show?

We need to be sure you connection is capable of faster speeds, before we chase after the cause of slow download.

Your max. download you have observed is 30kB/s or 240kb/s

If your upload is also running at that speed, you might have to lower it a bit, to free up some bandwidth for the trackers responses.


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I suggest you test with a very healthy torrent, let the torrent upload to its maxium, observe your upload rate, then set max upload to 80% of your observed upload.

If your upload is running at 50kB/s, then set the max to 40, or possibly a little less.

This will free up some upload bandwidth to comunicate with the tracker, and could greatly improve your download speeds.

If you want a torrent to test your connection with, I suggest you try my friends site, as they are all seeded by high speed servers, and all torrents are completely legal.


There are several small files you can try, and you should see speeds of 100kB/s or higher, if your system is running smoothly.

Another good test would be one of the many linux distributions.


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