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All Local no Remote????

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sadly this is what i checked, i went to window task manager under networking it shows my link speed is 100Mbps and the network utiliztion is below 1% usage><

i also get alot of local and nat travsal in peer list my dl speed is about 11 for more then 15 peers+

my modem is motorola sb 1000 its wireless


also i done the patch and set it to 50

portforwarded also

use to have norton anti but removed

currernt using mac afeee virus anti

IS THERE ANY WAY TO GET REMOTE i got it afew times but sudddenly one day it turns to local and NAT argh><

i went to http://www.canyouseeme.org/ and checked port 51000 which i forwarded and it reply me : Error: I could not see your service on on port (51000)

Reason: Connection timed out


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Ok, first, task manager can't give you useful information about your connection speed. It's looking at the wrong thing. It's looking at the connection between your network card and your modem. That connection is very fast. But the issue at hand is the connection between the internet and the modem, which is much, much slower.

Suppose you had a 100 gallon-per-hour fire hose, and you used an adapter to hook it to your 15 gallon-per-hour water faucet, then turned on the tap. You'd still only get 15 gallons per hour, even though the hose could carry much more, because that's all the tap can deliver. It's similar to that.

The problem boils down to your listening port being blocked. That "timed out" message tells you that. If you unblock the port, then other peers can initiate connections with yours and that will greatly boost your speed. Those are the "remote" connections.

It isn't safe to connect to the internet without a firewall, and a firewall's job is to block incoming connections except for ones you know about and want. Windows XP has a built--in firewall, and if you installed Service Pack 2, the firewall is active by default. Some people also install other firewall software, or install software they don't realize contains a firewall.

Next, some external hardware like modems/routers, also have built-in firewalls, which are called "firmware" firewalls.

Yours is almost certainly a firewall issue. So we need to figure out which firewalls you have, and remove or deactivate all of them except one. You only need one, and having more than one just makes them stumble over each other.

The test at canyouseeme.org is your definitive guide. If it says your port's still not open, then there is still something blocking it that we have to find.

You said that you portforwarded your modem and that it was a Motorola SB1000. I'd like you to double-check that model number first, because it doesn't seem to fit.

When you portforwarded it, exactly what did you do, and according to what instructions? Do you have the url of a web site you followed? Specifically, did it direct you to set up a static IP for your computer, and did you do that?

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erm i deacitvate the window firewall thingy


erm is sbg1000 sorry lol

erm how do i get rid of this stupid firewall s***, and is there a way you can show me a site , i mean a better a site to check my speed i kinda lost in reading speeds cost i live in singapore lol

there's once i get a speed to 200 but upload to 2 ....

ok heres all the thing

firewall i know i only using window's type

anti virus mac fee only

firmware firewall i went to sbg1000 and went to firewall it says off :(

my device in my pc is geforce 7900 gtx 512mb PCI express

2gb ram

300gb of space SATA

Broadcam netlinkgigabit ether

motherboard is intel 975X

window home

erm can i ask u wats PCI express for? sounds like some connection card O.o

before i get these local thingy

i got remote but it still has a very slow speed ><

its weird somtimes i get uber speed, but i forgot wats my speed i signed for ><

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You need a firewall. If you have been running without one you will need to disconnect from the network and thoroughly disinfect your system, because it has probably been compromised, and is sending spam/participating in DDOS attacks without your knowledge. Never connect to the internet without a firewall.

Use the firewall in the SBG1000. Enable it, your manual will tell you how, or you can find a copy of the manual on the internet. Turn any/all software firewalls off or uninstall them.

Re-check your port-forwarding setup. Many people read the part about setting up a static IP address and then, for some reason, ignore it. That usually accounts for the wide variation in download speed -- because a critical step was left out.

PCI Express is a different type of card bus. Read all about it here:


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Ok i turn on my firewall in the sbs1000

but how i checked the anti virus and no virus found also checked registry clean fully clean and the pc doctor scan nothing found too.

hmmm how to solve i just need instruction on how to solve for this modem to have clean uber speed

Thx ^^

lol i found somthing more weird

i founded bitlord and is almost the same thing as bitcomet but when i dl a torrent from it i have remote and local

and when i dl from comet all is local and NAT whats this??? BuG?

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