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not a full screen

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It is difficult to answer because it's too few information you gave us.

I assume you have probably downloaded film which is compressed by any kind of codec like DivX, XviD, etc. Full screen is a property of any kind of player which recognize those formats. You can use e.g. BSPlayer or any different one. I think even Windows MEdia Player can play it. There is somewhere on this forum quastion about it. Those player has Full Screen function. I haven't used Nero, so i can't help you but I guess There must be full screen function in option or wherever as well. Sometimes double-click on the window turn the full-screen mode on and vice-versa.

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If you've already downloaded the film, then BitComet has done its job, and you are asking the question in the wrong forum. This one is for problems with BitComet. When you do get to the right forum, please explain what you mean by "not a full screen". I suspect you're talking about letterboxing, but that's just a suspicion.

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