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bit comet speed help

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For the settings in bitcomet, are there certain settings that allow for higher download speeds for example enabling the DHT network or changing the values for the connections etc. The reason for these questions are due to my horridly slow download speeds, I rarely hit over 20 even on those high seeded torrents. I have done my portforwarding through the router and followed the steps that were neccessary to complete this and yet I still have these slow download rates. For example, on a torrent with 1000 seeds i hit something like 20kbs and under and if I am downloading two torrents at once they seem to alternate between peak speeds. I don't know, maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I do know that I used to get speeds of 150-300 kb and now i only get 20 and below if im lucky i hit a HIGH of 30! <---"wow.." im running on 768kbs highspeed cable internet (not sure if the 768 value is right but its highspeed for rogers the second tier connection. If anyone has any suggestions Im all ears and would be greatful

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If your internet connection is 768kb/s download, which is measured in bits, meaning your max possible download measured in bytes is 96kB/s, as bit torrent measures.

I suggest you visit a site that tests your connection speed, to determine what speeds you have for both upload and download.

There are several possible causes for slow download, one is that some ISPs slow down bit torrent traffic.

However its more likely that your upload bandwidth is being bogged down, which we can change in your settings.


That site can recommend setting based on your upload speed.

Every connection responds different, but here is a good way to determine a starting point to adjust your settings.

Run only one VERY Healthy torrent, with no maxium upload speed set, and observe the speed you are uploading.

Keep all other programs shut down to get an accurate sampling.

Take this amount, and reduce it by 20%, and use this as your global max upload speed.

Although the first rule of bit torrent is the more you upload, the more download you get, but if all your upload bandwidth is being used, your client cannot respond to the tracker fast enough, and will be bypassed.

I have seen this one setting alone increase speeds from 2 to 10 times previous max.

Once you get some improvement, I suggest you make small changes, and always wait at least 15 mins. between changing settings to see the full effect.


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