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Files have dissapeared

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I've downloaded torrents with no problem before. I send them to the default bitcoment download folder.

I just finished a series of files. According to bitcomet, they are complete. I watched two of them on preview when I was downloading, so I know they exist. I have searched my computer high and low for the files, but I just can't find them. I think that they've taken up the space on my hard drive, but I didn't check it before the download, so it's difficult to tell.

Any ideas of what might have happened? Where else I might look? Has anyone else had apparently successfully downloaded files just dissapear?



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This is usually a side-effect of Microsoft knowing what's best for you. It likes to hide files and folders in a variety of ways.

Your best option may be to go through your Windows Explorer options and uncheck everything that looks even vaguely like "hide this from me".

Another good thing to do is to change your default download directory. Move it outside of the C:\Program Files tree to somewhere else.

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hey i just had this problem too.

this morning i deleted task from BitComet.

and now i want to watch it but its missing from my folder.

i saw both incomplete download files in the folder the past few days.

but it's now missing.

i searched for the file but it can't be found too.

really don't know what happened.

and now i have to download them again. it's the 1st time i come across this.

hope it doesn't happen again..

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This happens to me randomly a few times and can be quite annoying. I eventually managed to find the complete downloaded file under:

C:\Users\[user account name]\AppData\Local\Temp

(In Vista. Location will differ if using XP)

You must first unhide any hidden files and folders to reach this location on your drive.

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It's important that you be aware of where your downloads are going. This is a controllable option, and you should definitely and affirmatively set your default download directory to a known location, don't just leave it to the default.

I suggest you create a directory, such as "C:\Downloads", and set it as your default download directory in your settings/preferences/whatever.

You can change the download location for any particular torrent if you open it with the file dialogue but do not start it. (That is, don't drag&drop the torrent onto BitComet, and don't download the torrent directly into BitComet. Use the OPEN icon or the option under the FILE menu.) You can change the download location from the default to wherever you want, for this torrent (but no other) in the dialogue that appears next.

Note that this will not work to change the download location of a torrent already in progress, and that changing the default location will also not affect any downloads already in progress. As a rule, BitComet does not move or copy files for you. You must do that yourself.

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