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Bad Data

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1. Ok i downloaded a file and then i try to extract it but i can't because the file is missing or broken. BitComet 7.70 says that there is 512kb bad data. How can i remove this bad data and extract the file? I have tried extracting the file with WinAce Archiver and with WinRar but they just can't extract the file.

2. I already tried but it doesn't work : (

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Well, BitComet is made to deliver you what you ask in the form it was intended for you to receive. Occasionally, errors when transmitting data occur, BitComet finds them, drops the part of torrent that was damaged (marking this as "rubbish data") and downloads failed part anew plus all the other parts until it's done. When it's done (100% completed), BitComet double-checks that it got all that was intended to get (if appropriate option is on), and then your file(-s) is/are up to you. Regretfully, some torrents have files that are damaged initially, and in this case BitComet can't help you.

To put it simple:

- stop this task in BitComet;

- make "Manual Hash Check" of it;

- continue downloading until you get 100%

OR (if you have 100%)

- "Browse Download Directory" and open your file. If it still doesn't open, your torrent was damaged initially (or at least BitComet has nothing to do with your problem) and you'll have to find it somewhere else. Be sure to report this torrent as "Damaged/Broken" on the site you got it from. Good luck next time.

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