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Dear Sir,

When I upgrate my BitComet 0.70 yesterday, my Norton Antivirus always open the window "Security Alert". I click "permit" and it won't close. Always open and open. How can I delete this. This is very annoying me. Thanks for your help.....It is normal when I am using 0.65 to 0.68. Thanks....




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DHT uses UDP packets

Norton worm control will block the DHT Network so you have to add an exception rule for Bitcomet if your Norton has worm control.

Some other antivirus/firewall packages have something similar, maybe called antihacker or p2p shield or whatever that you need to add an exception rule for Bitcomet for it to work right.

Pretty self-explanatory. I've never used this Norton Security Suite (or whatever), so look for needed option yourself.

*edit*: this turns to be Frequently Asked Question, actually... So check this frequently given answer.

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Hi there...yes it's a common issue with I think all P2P applications including Utorrent, Azureus. I've added it into our FAQ:

My Norton Antivirus continually prompts me to "Permit" or allow BitComet to access the internet & network. But each time I click Permit, a new window pops up again.


  1. Open your Norton Antivirus
  2. Click Internet Worm Protection on your left tab.
  3. Next, click Program Control on your right tab.
  4. Locate/browse for BitComet, and delete
  5. Click the add button on the bottom
  6. Browse for BitComet's .exe file (By default C:/Program Files/BitComet/ )
  7. In the next box, click menu (Drop down) --> Permit
  8. Click ok.
  9. Re-open BitComet, Norton Antivirus should pop up a new window again asking you to permit/decline BitComet. Click Permit. No new windows should now pop up.

Also, please don't create multiple topics. You may bump topics...

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