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where are the online users??!!??

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hi there,

i'm from Turkey so i'm not really good at english but i have a problem:i can't chat!!i mean there are no online users,well at least i can't see any of them.But sometimes i see a symbol on the "chat picture"(you know a little picture,there are two persons but they don't have faces)and it says "chat(4)" so what does it means and what should i do?

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The chat feature was partially disabled several releases ago, and hasn't ever worked very well. Simply ignore it until you see a future release that says it's reworked. I imagine it's not one of rnysmile's priorities, since no other client supports chat and there hasn't been any demand for them to. If they did, it would be another mess like DHT, and everyone would have to agree on standards. WIth all the IM programs floating around already, why bother?

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