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help whit bitcomet please

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I have bitcomet1.13 and every thime when i have to stop downlaud

i have to start al l over again then al the torrens are gone and i have to start again from the begin

when i have almost download the torrend and i have to strat up my pc or i have shut im out ad night the next time al the torrenst ar gone

what can i do that it whil not happen again

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Check your options/preferences/whatever and make sure you've activated "auto-resume tasks at BC startup". This may solve your problem without anything further needed.

BC wants to write its tasks to the file "downloads.xml" and save that to the program files directory. Newer versions of Windows are finally making some effort to protect that tree, so BC might not have write permission there under your existing user account. Since there's no way to change the location of that file, you'll likely need to run BC as an administrator to gain the needed permission.

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Additionally, in some windows versions with user account controls enabled, windows will attempt to save the downloads.xml file in a "virtual store" folder, rather then your bitcomet install folder, and unfortunately, since you didn't tell us about your windows version, I can't give you specific advice on how to fix this, so what your going to need to do is find the downloads.xml file, and make sure its set to give all users full access.

When this forum officially replaces the tocomet forum, we will have posted details clearly explaining what info you need to provide in order to get proper support. I'm also going to prepare a guide for doing this in the various windows versions.

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