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Uploading after download is completed


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Hi all

I'm new to Bitcomet and forums so please bare with me.

I noticed while downloading there was uploading happening also, when viewed in peers, is this normal?

I also have the the uploading start automatically when the download is finished, can this be stopped?

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The way peer to peer downloading is done is that the small pieces of the files your downloading are passed from user (peer) to other users (peers). Your expected (and required) to share at least as much of the files you download. Users that stop their torrents before they reach a "share ratio" of at least 1.00 are not well liked in the file sharing community, as such behavior will completely destroy file sharing.

If your unwilling to share what you download, then there are other (paid) services where you can leech as much as you want, like "news groups" (giganews is a good one), or sites like "rapidshare" or "megaupload".

If you do want to continue downloading torrents, then become a valued member of the community and keep your torrents running until the share ratio is about 1.00 at least, and if you really like something, keep it seeding (uploading after download is complete) much longer.

I hope this answers your questions.


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I now understand a little more about how it works, my concern with auto upload

is my IP

You mean ISP. Internet Service Provider. IP commonly means Internet Protocol, and there's a big difference.
chargers for upload & download and when I exceed my quota my Internet speed

is slowed to almost a standstill.

Then you need to figure the upload time/data into your quota. The bittorrent community depends on people giving back at least as much as they take.

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