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Aloha! Total NB Intro..


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Hey everyone! I've recently found BT and along with it came this helpful/useful forum! I'm so thankful for that! Especially towards the people that put all of their useful knowledge to actual...use! Thank you already to davebit for a helpful tutorial section on his sig to get people directly connected. What a big huge difference it makes!! Mahalo! (Thank you in Hawaiian)

I suppose if it's not obvious by now..I'm currently in the state of "paradise" brought to me by Uncle Sam! I can't wait to get back to the mainland where everyone's awake and seeding at the same time as me! ;)

Thanks for the intro page. I'm Jaebird! Good to be here!

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Sorry... unless someone really knows your downloading/uploading habits, it'll be kind of hard to receive an invite...

Bear in mind that, for most sites, members that give out invites are judged the same as those who receive them.

Say, for example, that I give you an invite. My own ratio at Demonoid is 3.0. You start off downloading but, with time, you really let your own ratio drop to the floor. The result? You get banned and so do I - for letting someone that I 'recommended'/invited' to join the site, but hasn't pulled their own weight (maintained a proper ratio). It's kinda risky... unless, like I said, someone really trusts you.

In any case - although I'm not sure if they're doing it, at this moment - sometimes, Demonoid opens their doors for new memberships (they used to do it on Saturdays)... so you might want to keep an eye out for it, every so often.

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