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Resnet, exceed a limit of 3000 connections, need help

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Hi everyone. I just moved into an Canadian university, where resnet is used in all dorms. I am sure that they don't prohibit bittorrent softwares, such as BitComet. But they do impost a bunch of restrictions. Recently, once I opened the Bitcomet, they will put me into the penalty box due to the reason that I've exceeded a limitof 3000 connections. So is there anything I could do by setting the Bitcomet itself a connection maximum number to avoid such penalty.

Need help very urgently!

Thank you!

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@ Vasy: I'm not sure how their ISP monitors the number of connections but it may be that they monitor just the number of ports reserved by one IP in the border gateway router(s) and thus UDP "connections" would count as connections, I think, since they still use a pair of sockets.

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