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How to add a screenshot to your post (simplified version)


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How to add a screenshot to your post (simplified version)

Hello to all,

Here, I'll try to explain, in a very simple manner, the option of how to upload and include a screenshot in your post.

Once we see the image that we wish to capture, press "Alt" and "Impr pant", at the same time.

(That's the "Print Screen" key, on an English keyboard.) This will take an image of the active window and copy it to the Clipboard.

Open a blank document in MSPaint and press "Ctrl" and "v" simultaneously. This will 'paste' said image from the Clipboard to your Paint document. (If MSPaint wants to resize the document, agree. )

If you wish to edit something in the image (for example, hide/smudge your IP, highlight something, crop the margins, etc.), now is the time to do so.

Afterwards, under the "File" menu, press "Save as..." (choose a name for it) in .JPG format (this saves our bandwidth...), and place it wherever you like..., your Desktop, for example.

When it's time for you to include your image in your post, simply follow the picture shown below:


1. Press 'Examine' and find the desired image in your computer.

2. Press ""Attach This File". Your image's file will appear, along with its corresponding size (3.).

Note: Make sure that no individual file is larger than the maximum size allowed (shown in green), and that you do not exceed your personal global upload quota (shown in blue).

4. Once you have followed step 2., place and click your cursor where you want the image to appear, and press "Add to Post".

Continue to finish your post and press "Preview Post" and/or "Post New Topic".

It's that simple. :)

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