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Wii game torrent downloads


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Once you've downloaded whatever-it-is, bittorrent's job is done. Topic therefore moved to general questions.

BitComet just transfers files. It doesn't know or care what kind of files they are, doesn't require any particular or special format. Bittorrent doesn't care about content, beyond accurately transferring whatever it may be. So Joe might upload something in one format, Bob in another. BitComet will transfer both, without any attempt to make sure one or the other is the "correct" file format for whatever it is -- if there even IS a "correct" format.

Somebody might use one disk image format like .iso, somebody else might use a different disk image format like .md5, and somebody else might put the thing in a .rar archive, so you won't know what the file formats are until you download and extract it. Through all of this, BC doesn't know or care. Nor do we here know, since that's not necessarily our area of interest or expertise. On or more of us might happen to know something about the subject, but only by coincidence.

Once you've got the file, HOW you got it becomes irrelevant. Whether you bought it, physically copied it from another computer, downloaded it by http, downloaded it by ftp, downloaded it by bittorrent, or it just fell off a truck, how you got it is utterly irrelevant.

Most of us are not particularly vidgamers, I don't even own a console of any type, and that isn't what this forum is all about. Why ask this question here, rather than on a vidgamer forum? You're much more likely to find the answers there instead of here.

(Though at either place, you'll need to supply much more information.)

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Sorry Greywizard for lack of information,

(I'm also sorry for upsetting your colleague; kluelos!) I'm a bit new to this whole grand world of downloading/ forums etc).

Anyway, just by chance that you might offer a little guidance: a 'Wii download' is simply a download for playing on the Wii Nintendo games machine. I've downloaded one and didn't know what format to convert it to before burning to a DVD. I've only just recently learnt about 'mp3's/ mp4's/ avi's' etc. Is there a weird & wonderful format for games software?

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I'm fairly positive that Wii uses a files and folders structure (of course specific to its OS) just like any other operating file system. But most certainly they use a proprietary file system (just like the other console types and unlike the ISO9660 or UDF file systems used by PC CD/DVD/BD discs) and won't be read (undersood) by any optical unit on a PC.

However if you happened to download a disc image (.iso, .bin, .nrg etc.) you could be in luck, because there are applications which can copy discs or write disc images altogether (sector by sector as raw data) without having to understand the file system inside the image or disc (at least I know that's possible with PSP and Xbox discs).

If you downloaded just a bunch of folders, there might be a software emulator or something to help you play the files on PC. But if you want make of them a disc playable on Wii you probably need a special piece of software which can write that particular file system on a disc or maybe even a special standalone optical unit. For that, as my colleague suggested, it would be much better to check the Wii-related sites and forums for detailed info.

You see now, why you should always provide as much info as possible about your problem?

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Where can I get information to download Wii games?

who can guide me on this..............

Where can I get information to download Wii games? Google returns many sites and I am confused to choose which is best... If any site can provide review on game downloads it is easy to choose.


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[url elided - mod]how to download wii games[/url]

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