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Computer locked up

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I recently installed Bitcomet 1.15. While I like the new format, it randomly but completely locks up my computer. It has to be turned off (Alt-Ctrl-Delete doesn't work).

I have now gone back to 1.14 with no further problems. I have been using Bitcomet for a few years now and have been using the same setting all along.

My current OS is Vista Home Premium 64-Bit and I'm using AVG Anti-Virus Free.

I am happy to give any other info req'd to the developers to help resolve this problem.


Edit - disregard above. As above I rolled back to Bitcomet 1.14 (which I have previously used with no problem). The computer has just locked up again. Must be something else. - Sorry

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I'm afraid it's not the versions. It's more like a software conflict. Unfortunately there is not much to work with, since there are lots of users which use BitComet without problems with Vista, so this is not a general issue.

First, I would recommend running some hardware tests to check your cpu, memory and hdd. For memory use memtest86+. For the rest there are lots of other tools.

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Please don't quote the entire message you're replying to, when it is not necessary. Most of the time you can just use the "Add Reply" or "Fast Reply" features. You do not need to quote when the message you're replying to is directly above. Quoting is best used when you want to reply to a specific point and not to the whole message.

If BC previously worked and now causes problems, and especially when previous versions worked but now do not, then the most likely cause is a software conflict. You should keep an eye on your system and application logs for error messages, as they can guide you towards solving the problem or at least finding the conflict. It is also instructional to note exactly what was occurring when the lockup or crash occurred.

It may also be that a complete uninstall and removal of BitComet (including deletion of the Program directory), reboot, then reinstall, can resolve the issues.

You should definitely run the memory test as Wiz mentioned. This never hurts.

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I know this is a bit old already but I did not see any resolution so I'm posting.

Since I see that the op is using AVG Free I would suggest running an scan with an alternate AV. MSE is free, really nice, & getting positive reviews. They also have an x64 version and this works on XP, Vista, & Win7.


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