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Moviesjudge.com is very far from what you describe.

The site references current films only. The "reviews" are very cursory, little more than an anonymous sound-bite from a promoter, and some sketchy details line the producer, the director, the run length, and the important contemporary detail of whether the movie is in color or black-and-white.

Nor can anyone "watch the movie" as you and the site imply. Instead, it shows you a trailer or advertisement for the movie. You can capture the trailer, if for some reason you want to, but that's as far as you get for any kind of download. There's an RSS feed you can subscribe to for more of this.

You can post a comment, presumably about the movie in question, but what is done with that comment is mysterious.

All in all, the site is just a computerized version of the "In Theatres Now" section of your newspaper. You'll find much more information at IMDB or Rottentomatoes.

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