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please help


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Unfortunately, the password reset feature seems to generate that response to any problem at all. I tried feeding it a legitimate email address that I know I've never registered under, so the proper response ought to be something like, "Invalid address", or "no such address was found in my records". Instead, it gives me that "only once a day" message.

I get the same message for a structurally invalid address (one without an "@", for example). Apparently, any problem whatsoever defaults to that "only once a day" message.

That's not much help, I know. But there's nothing we here can do about it, because we can't directly contact anyone who controls the site, either.

If there is a problem or anything unforseen, there is no way to contact anybody at the site -- for instance, to notify them that it is giving out the wrong error message and isn't working.

Hopefully, Sophia can contact somebody to generally fix the whole passport site. It needs a way to contact somebody by email when something like this happens, and it needs to present the correct error message so that the customer can do something about anything that is their error.

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Ok. Thanks!! My account has captain status already and unfortunately, I forgot the password I used. >_<

I hope that Sophia can contact those people responsible so I can download faster :)

Will you be forwarding this problem to Sophia? :)

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I tested with my present username and email, the email i got is normal :blink:

Click the url to Reset your password:http://passport.bitcomet.com/client/retrievepassword/--------------------------. The link will be inactive within 24 hours, please reset your password as soon as possible.

i do not know why that message come up, anyway, I will talk this with the site director tomorrow when I am at office.

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I asked about this, that sentence means "reseting password function can only be useed once every day(in 24 hours)", that is, before clicking Reset your password button, please make sure you enter a valid and right email address, otherwise, you have to reenter a new email address the next day. But I think this sentence have ambiguity. "Reset password can be used only once every day!" means if you reset a new password for you account, the new one can be only used once everyday. Is that? And if yes, i think this is the reason we all are confused by this warning.

Besides, I bet you will think this is not reasonable, if I enter a wrong email address carelessly, I have to wait for a day to reenter a right one. I do not understand this, either. I will try if they like to change this.

As English is not my native language, please tell me freely if I misunderstand something or did not explain this clearly.

Ah, BTW, if that sentence cause ambiguity, could you please give some suggestion on how to edit it? I will make changes accordingly.

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It's not so much unreasonable, as impossible.

Since I don't remember my password, I cannot log in. This means that Passport has no idea who I am.

I go to the "reset password" page, and I mis-type my email address. It's wrong, but I do not notice that. I click the button anyway.

Passport tells me that I must wait 24 hours to do it again, but how does it know who *I* am at all?

Since I mis-typed my email address, Passport's database won't have a record matching that wrong address, so how will Passport know whose account not to allow to be reset? It can't.

If I now revisit the page, and enter the correct email address, it should reset my password correctly. NOW, it knows who I am and marks the account so I can't do it again for 24 hours.

The message is only meaningful when it works. When it doesn't, the message is irrelevant and untrue.

All of that is entirely apart from the message being wrong. If I enter an address that is not in the database, the error message should say so: "I couldn't find that address in my records. Please try again."

If the message is in invalid format, like "sophia.bitcomet.com", the error message should say that: "Sorry, that's not a valid email address. Please try again." (This should be done in script)

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excuse me hope ure dya is well mine will b as soon as i can log into my acount lol i seem to have forgoten my password typical as i forget everythign and i have tried to reset it many times and no email s have ben recieved my user name is blasreitter and email softheart982@yahoo.com the address i signed up with hope u are on i really wanan play zero sum more have come to like the game alot lol thanx

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These forums do not get checked at all by the people who run tocomet. If you thought you were reaching them, you are not.

These are the English/Spanish/Romanian support forums for the BitComet client and the Cometbird browser. They're manned mostly by unpaid volunteers from around the world, none of whom have any connection to the BitComet organization.

Most of the people in that organization don't speak English anyway, so of course they don't read this forum.

Sophia, who administers the forum, works for BitComet but not with tocomet. She can only ask them to do something about a problem.

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